MERI VE SARTE is a home décor studio, founded by a mother and a daughter and based in Tel Aviv. 

MERI VE SARTE core essence is to combine between universes of art and design for the contemporary consumers
who appreciate modern art and see their personal living space as a dynamic art exhibition.

Our vision is to create useful pieces of art by pairing inspiring sketches to any fine object,
utilize luxurious raw materials such as porcelain or Egyptian cotton as a basis for art prints. 

Our original artwork is made of Chinese black ink and natural Mediterranean coast tar which we collect from the sea-shore.

Most of the art was exhibited in museums or galleries and then transformed to leisure home accessories that make any spot intriguing,
leverage any dining room table to a conversation topic and even add some fresh sense of humor while entertaining.
Meri Karako / Artist

Along the years I acquired a diverse education in the fields of color, texture and art techniques.

I "borrow" the calligraphy and Japanese drawing principals which I have learned and translate them to my personal language.
The sub-conscious, memories and emotions are used as raw materials along sides ink, acrylic, cement and tar which I have collected from the sea-shore.
I use these materials to sketch figures and icons, making them "dirty". 
For me, art is a research tool, through which I explore my reality, express my inner voice and create.
Through art I hope to gain in my personal, feminine and human identity. 
I examine life and death, memory and consciousness.

Increased awareness during the creation process dictates familiar perceptions, draws limits and restricts the freedom to create.

I devote myself to breaking the "here and now" rule, clear my mind and give my sub – consciousness a fundamental place in my creation.

Yarden Karako / Brand manager

After I graduated my degree in business management and marketing,
I wanted to focus my marketing education to a specific industry – fashion. And so, I headed to Paris and studied Fashion Business at Marangoni institute.
I managed several ventures and projects, and in all I was devoted to both aspects – creative and marketing.  
Design, aesthetics and 'the art of things' have always attracted me and have always been a source of interest and a way of life for me. 
My desire is to combine my marketing skills and my passion for the design industry and to create a meaningful global brand
that touches the hearts of culture and art lovers all over the world.
I strongly believe in my mother's artistic language and in the synergy that we have together. 

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