Two oval serving dishes - Enigmatic script set


A set of two oval A-symmetric serving dishes made of German porcelain with a 24K pure gold Enigmatic Script print.
Those plates are a complementary set of two, each of them holds a secret.
Recommended to be paired with our "Women in space" saucers for a fresh informal combination.


Length:  33 cm (12.5")
Made of German porcelain
24K gold detailing
Dish-washer safe
Do not insert to microwave


2015, Black Chinese ink and tar calligraphic sketch
The connection between the mystery, riddle and enigma has always enchanted me.

We deliver countless messages but don’t absorb any. We speak but say nothing. Consume the media but don’t communicate.

My need to create a personal enigmatic script for message encryption came to challenge people and demand their efforts.
The act of deciphering provides feelings of power and pleasure, and the person who solved the puzzle wins a key to a world full of fantasy and imagination, parallel to the one we know.
The calligraphic writing resembles a child experimenting with writing imaginary letters and mumbling their meaning.
Like a language, an ancient culture, with a past, a present and a future. Homogeneous, independent.
And at times, as abstracts created from the mass of the same enigmatic script itself. 
Each of our items comes with its own postcard 

598 NIS

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